“I have lost over 25 pounds since attending FUSION Fit Camp. As a mother of two active teenagers, 5:30am is the only time that I can fit in for myself. Rachel always says, “This is your hour, you are doing this for you!!” She pushes me more than I ever thought I could be pushed, and I’m stronger than what I thought I was. We are truly a fitness “family” and I have met some incredible people through this journey. It really helps when I can’t push myself any farther and I can count on a high-five and encouraging word from someone. This is the best gift anyone can give themselves.”   –  LaTonya C.
“I’ve lost over 30lbs and 6 inches from my waist.  I have gained muscle tone and the increase in energy is amazing.  I am thankful for my fellow teammates who continue to provide the positive re-encouragement every day at camp.”    –  Andy V.
“The increase in energy and confidence is what I enjoy about attending Fusion Fit Camp.  Dara encourages everyone to work at their own pace which is great for every individual who attends Fit Camp.  - Rhonda H.
“In my first 4 weeks at Fit Camp, I have lost 5.5 inches from my waist & 6 inches from my hips, I couldn’t believe it!  Holli is so encouraging and positive!  When we did assessments, I did 31 sit-ups within 90 seconds.  When I first started fit camp, I could barely do 10 sit-ups within that amount of time.  I am both diabetic and hypertensive and have been able to lower my HbA1c down 3 points from 6.9 to 6.6.  I’m looking forward to a more healthier and slimmer ME!”   –  Jackie C.
“The workouts are challenging but also creative - a definite change from the ordinary.  Everyone at our camp is encouraging, the atmosphere is awesome.The increase in strength and endurance is amazing! ”   –  Ladese T.
"Love love love Sharon and Fusion Fit Camp! I always feel challenged yet encouraged and feel great after every session! I have found endurance that I had no idea was within me!" -- Tina T.
In comparing this boot camp experience to others I've had over the past year, I can honestly say this is THE BEST.  I feel energized and stronger after just 4 weeks. I've lost 10 lbs. and my clothes feel better. Bianca is a AMAZING Instructor and knows how to push up to give 100%. 
- Rosie J.
I have enjoyed my first session so much!
I have so much more energy now than I've had in so long..even with getting up at 5am and having Bianca kick my butt! Bonus: I picked up my wedding dress from the alteration shop and it was loose on me! I have signed up for the next session and I can' wait to keep doing bootcamps with Fusion Fit Camp. THANK YOU BIANCA and RACHEL! - Jennifer N.
I am loving camp and loving the workouts. Dara is fun, and my body is definitely letting me know that the workouts are having an impact. - Kym R.
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